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Meditation helps reduce anxiety

Does meditation really help with anxiety?

Sometimes we hear and know that meditation could help us with fighting anxiety, but we really want to know if it 100% helps. We always need some evidence or proof that our lives can turn better and we can be free from all the stress, anxiety and pressure. Why is that so? Why do we keep searching and trying different methods until we find what we were looking for? Maybe because we are really anxious, until the point where we really do anything so that we can feel better and do meditation for anxiety.

Why many famous people chose meditation to reduce anxiety

Well, many of us might know that even famous people meditate for anxiety. Starting with Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Jean-Claude van Damme, many people realized the potential that meditation bears in it and are willing to devote a fracture or even a substantial amount of their time to let go of all the mind clutter and look deeper into myself. If they could achieve notable results, it means that meditation really works! If they could find the inner power through meditation, anybody can enjoy its benefits! If they are already doing it, why would not you?

JCVD does meditation for anxiety
JCVD meditates

Nowadays, it’s almost a must to meditate for anxiety

First of all, everyone has anxiety to some extent. Some more, some less, but all in all, all of us live in a  modern society where mental disorders are prevalent: worries about money, fear of the future – especially due to this virus – uncertainty about our work. Also, complicated human relationships make it not easy for us to maintain our status or perform in a competitive society. Not to mention the  high standard that the media is posing to us on how we should look, be, behave and achieve to be a valuable member of our present society. It is also not a easy deal to make more money and receive the overflow of information we are exposed to on a daily basis. Now wonder we are endlessly stressed, worn out, exhausted and frustrated and our performance weakens due to innumerable factors of the modern era. That’s when meditation for anxiety and inner peace comes to the picture. One thing is for sure, we need to slow down a little bit, wind off the daily anxiety and reflect a little but on our selves. If we devote some time to unerstanding what the roots of anxiety are in ourselves, we have already made a huge progress in getting rid of the causes. Knowing and looking back myself is the first step towards eliminating anxiety.

Let’s get started with a small meditation exercise that helps with anxiety

meditation anxiety

How shall we get started then to meditate for anxiety?

1. Find at least 5 minutes daily to sit down and observe all the distracting factors and the anxiety you are facing. Be aware of the situation and accept it, even though it could be difficult sometimes.

2. Try to relax and find a comfortable position (possibly sitting) to be together with your own thoughts and feelings. Let all the random things come to your mind. Without judging them, just observe them.

3. Use the power of your mind to welcome all these emotions and beathe slowly and deeply at your own pace.

4. If your mind wanders or any random thoughts come up, let them go just as a cloud flies away.

5. Enjoy your meditation. Bear in mind that it is part of a process that you are going through and the journey is not less important than the final destination.

6. Finish the meditation for anxiety by taking a few deep breaths and being grateful for the opportunity to let go of anxiety.

Meditation is the solution for anxiety

It is also scientifically proven that daily meditation for anxiety helps substantially reduce the stress levels for those who committed at least 5 minutes daily to meditation. Meditation affects the brain waves, which in turn generate a smoother energy flow in the body, parallelly reinvigorating body and mind. There is no one, who would not have at least 5 mintues per day to do something for their mental and physical health. Even doctors, scientists and practitioners are realizing the power of the mind, which is the key component in attaining balance, harmony and satisfaction in our lives. Besides, everyone can meditate! We all have inherent abilities to cure themselves as the children of nature. If we discover this wonderful capability of ours, meditation can do wonders.

First of all, anxiety is not our original nature. Our original nature is the pure, empty consciousness, void of all the humanly worries, anxiety and stress. The latter are things that we acquired while adding more and more thoughts to our minds by living a life of greed and dissatisfaction, contrary to our true selves. Thus, if we eliminate these added minds, why would the source of our problem not disappear? Just like the world is very logical, the human mind is also logical. So if we keep adding more and more anxiety to our minds, it will be filled and overflown quickly, causing stress and pain, but if we subtract and delete them and do meditation for anxiety and health, it will be filled with joy, bliss and more and more happiness. The formula is quite simple: stop worrying, start meditating!

meditation helps reduce anxiety

Let’s get started!

You do not need to be an expert in science to experience the benefits of throwing away your anxiety. Even those who do not know anything about meditation for anxiety, medicine or have no spiritual background, can feel the positive changes that occur very quickly. You yourself will feel the amazing change and would want to continue the practice of meditating. Thousands of people are already the living proof that meditation is not just a slogan but it really helps. So many people are thankful for having given it a chance and making an effort. Do not forget, even small but steady steps bring huge changes on the long term and once you start, nothing can stop you from achieving an anxiety free life and future. As you are reading this article, you must have the willingness to do it, so why not start now, today? You can learn how to meditate.

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